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CrawfordTech Announces – Pro Inkjet Express

The market for Inkjet presses is growing rapidly – and for good reason. Full color Inkjet presses give print service providers and in-plants the ability to produce high quality, high volume output, efficiently and profitably.

A production quality Inkjet press is a significant investment, so how can you be productive and achieve ROI as quickly as possible? You don’t want to have to go back to original applications or re-create print streams, but you want to take advantage of the many features an Inkjet press offers – both to save money and to provide more value to your customers.

We have the answer! With CrawfordTech PRO Inkjet Express, you can create an automated workflow or migrate your existing workflow without recomposing existing print streams. Because we work with all major hardware vendors and support an open platform, savvy print service providers implement PRO Inkjet Express before even finalizing their press purchase so that they can hit the ground running once their new press is installed.

PRO Inkjet Express provides extensive flexibility, offering a number of capabilities and benefits:

Change the existing format of output jobs to maximize throughput.
Combine small jobs into large runs to leverage the speed of the press and increase profitability.
Segment large jobs to work with post-production, finishing and mailing requirements.
Adjust adjust names and positions of addresses to fit standard envelopes, take advantage of householding and add IMb barcodes – all resulting in significant postage savings.
Replace pre-printed shells with in-line color or add color to your existing files to save money and give your customers more effective communications.

All functionality is available through an easy-to-use graphical user interface so that you can create and manage your workflows without IT involvement.

You can learn more on our website or download this free case study.

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March 4, 2017


  • Ernie Crawford
    CEO & President

    Ernie Crawford is the founder and CEO of Crawford Technologies, a global leader in the print and electronic document industries. With over four decades of experience, Ernie is a respected thought leader and innovator in the field of document management and has been recognized for his contributions to the industry with numerous awards and accolades. He is committed to delivering innovative solutions to his clients and has led Crawford Technologies through significant growth and expansion while maintaining a focus on exceptional customer service. Ernie is a sought-after speaker and has presented at numerous industry events and conferences.

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