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Are you really compliant? There may be a hole in your process

This is a question on the mind of governance groups everywhere, and the reality is that many organizations still have gaps when it comes to securing their data and documents once they leave the control of IT managed systems and processes.

The economic and business process advantages of out sourcing print and mail functions are many but – is it secure? Is it compliant? Is the Personal Private Information (PPI) and Protected Health Information (PHI) appropriately protected to comply with the various regulations?

Is your organization always in complete compliance with regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR?  As the data custodian and responsible party, you may not be in control of the communication methods during the transmission and transfer to the print service bureau. And once received by the service company you no longer have control of the handling and protection given to the information.

Back in the “old days” before ubiquitous high-speed internet connections, in many ways, data was more secure than it is today.  If anyone remembers magnetic tape, print files were actually distributed and transported as physical media. That physical media could be locked in secure containers and only opened by those individuals that had a valid business reason to use the data and also had the key.

Though there are few situations, if any, that would make one want to go back to the old ways. Although the modern methods are better from a standpoint of process, speed and efficiency the security of the data must be considered and a new, more up-to-date method of protecting the data must be employed.

PRO Lockdown makes it easy to manage security of documents – not just at the file level, but down to each individual page. When there is a need to view, edit, or process the file, only the relevant pages are accessed or unlocked so that the file can be quickly processed.

In addition, PRO Lockdown:

  • Encrypts files for storage and/or transfer
  • Each page of output is encrypted and decrypted independent of other pages, allowing steps like reprints to be optimized as well as secured
  • Protects sensitive data from being viewed by anyone without a password
  • Protects data from document creation through production processing
  • Meets the requirements set out by regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and GDPR
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May 20, 2020


  • Harvey Gross
    VP, Product Strategy

    As Vice President of Product Management, Harvey Gross drives the success of CrawfordTech’s solutions and services. Harvey is responsible for CrawfordTech’s product strategy, positioning and product development, and extending solutions into new markets to provide opportunity for future growth. Harvey has more than 30 years of product development, product management, sales and commercial operations experience in the document management, content management and business process markets.

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