The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.

Accessible Transactional Documents via AI and Automation

If you create public-facing transactional documents, it’s likely that you’re already involved in document remediation or ensuring accessibility. If you haven’t taken these steps yet but share documents digitally, it’s worth considering, as regulations are continuously tightening, making it necessary to comply with accessibility standards.

Choosing the most suitable remediation tool can be challenging due to the variety available. For starters, it’s crucial to identify the type of documents you’re working with. Documents can generally be categorized into two main types: transactional and static.

Transactional documents are those that adhere to a repetitive and cyclical structure, such as mobile phone bills, bank account statements, utility invoices, etc. On the other hand, static documents are characterized by their random format, versioning, and lack of repetition or cyclical patterns. Examples include insurance policies, brochures, marketing materials, emails, etc.

Understanding the distinction between the two main types of documents is crucial because the remediation solutions for each type are different. By recognizing the nature of your documents, you can make an informed decision about which remediation tool is the most fitting for your specific needs.

To achieve efficient and cost-effective transactional document remediation, it is essential to seek tools that simplify the process and make it manageable. For these types of documents, this involves creating rules-based templates that can adapt to varying elements like names, addresses, account numbers, etc., while at the same time taking advantage of the latest AI technology to automatically sense common document accessibility elements, also known as tags.

Designing these templates should be simple to configure and update, while also enabling the ability to deliver accessible documents quickly and accurately. AccessibilityNow® Designer incorporates these functionalities through its distinctive AutoSense ability, which automatically detects the relevant elements, streamlining and expediting the template creation process. This AI-based capability takes the template creation process from days to minutes!

AccessibilityNow® Designer was purposefully developed to address the challenges of remediating existing transactional documents at an Enterprise level. This is achieved through an array of features, including a user-friendly graphical interface for easy PDF navigation, a scripting capability for those more comfortable with scripting, or a combination of both, providing unparalleled versatility that sets the tool apart from others in the market.

Once the templates are created, they are integrated into an ongoing and automated process that handles the remediation of day-forward transactional documents. Additionally, these templates can be applied to archived documents, some of which may date back several years, leading to the instant remediation of archived documents upon request. AccessibilityNow® Transactional and AccessibilityNow® Gateway facilitate this automation.

An exceptional quality of Designer and Transactional is its ability to simplify the remediation process by swiftly and efficiently processing hundreds of thousands of documents in batch mode, and to instantaneously deliver accessible documents within milliseconds upon request.

To learn more about Crawford Technologies’ overall document remediation solutions, check out our AccessibilityNow® page. To learn about our rules-based template creation with AutoSense, visit the AccessibilityNow® Designer section of our website.

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August 2, 2023


  • Ligia Mora
    Sr. Product Manager

    As a Senior Product Manager at Crawford Technologies, Ligia Mora brings over 25 years of software industry expertise to the table. She is a skilled strategist and visionary who is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that cater to customers' unique needs. Ligia has conducted presentations and technical training across different continents and has been specializing in Document Accessibility for the past 5 years. Her focus is on collaborating with customers, sales, and engineering teams to develop new products and features that improve workflows and customer communication. Ligia's deep industry knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction make her an essential asset to the Crawford Technologies team.

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