MasterONE Total Document Accessibility Architecture

MasterONE is used to streamline and lower the costs of providing accessible versions of transactional documents to your customers.

  • Underlying architecture of all CrawfordTech accessibility solutions
  • A single setup for multiple formats saves time and money
  • Accessibility by design with support for all accessible formats

MasterONE is a game-changing way to simplify the delivery of accessible documents. With MasterONE you can easily meet all your customer and employee document accessibility needs and be in compliance while reducing your costs and simplifying your processes.

Become Compliant

It is vital to be in compliance with global regulations mandating that organizations offer documents in accessible formats for their blind, partially sighted and cognitively disabled individuals. Most regulations ensure the rights of people to get documents in the format that best suits the recipient, and no single format works for everyone. Financial penalties can be high, and you risk under-serving this rapidly growing population. With AccessibilityNow Transactional, powered by our revolutionary architecture, MasterONE, you can be in compliance and easily offer documents in whatever format your customers require.

Affordable One-Step Compliance

Blind, partially sighted and those with cognitive disabilities require different formats when consuming documents. As a document producer you are obliged to meet these requests via a physical accommodation whether that be a digital or physical accessible document.  Each requested document type (etc.) requires a different method of tagging and a method for converting the documents. This has made it costly and cumbersome to handle these diverse preferences.

MasterONE is a protocol that is the basis for a wide range of accessibility products and services. It provides unprecedented levels of efficiency, usability and compatibility.

A Comprehensive Range of Formats

MasterONE supports all standard accessible formats, including:

  • Inclusive Formats
    • Accessible PDF (WCAG 2.1 Level AA, PDF/UA – ISO 14289-1)
    • PDF/UA
    • Accessible HTML
  • Alternate Formats
    • Braille
    • Large Print
    • eText
    • Audio

Canada Post Delivers Accessible Documents

In order to be in compliance with current regulations, Canada Post needed to provide secure delivery of Government of Canada Pensioner electronic documents, including direct deposit statements, newsletters, and tax forms in Accessible PDF. They employed CrawfordTech solutions to automatically convert thousands of documents on a daily basis to Accessible PDF. These documents are created at a rate of hundreds to thousands of pages per second, ensuring timely delivery and allowing blind and partially sighted individuals to navigate vital communications with assistive technology.


Eliminate Discrimination in Communication

With Crawford Technologies accessibility solutions, organizations can automate documents for accessible delivery at high speeds and in high volumes. Meeting the needs of the growing population of blind, partially sighted and cognitively disabled individuals is now possible through a one-step process. Accessibility can be “business as usual”.

No longer do you need to manage accessibility as an exception. With MasterONE you are in control of creating all accessible formats for all documents - both electronic and physical. The traditional setup and manual remediation costs for providing accommodation upon request are virtually eliminated.

With MasterONE, your documents can be accessible to everyone. The electronic documents can be created in Accessible PDF, PDF/UA or Accessible HTML5 so anyone can read them. MasterONE takes it even a step further as documents that have been processed with MasterONE can be easily transformed to any of the traditional “alternate formats”.  These formats include braille, large print, eText and audio.

Your Accessibility Professionals only need to set up the MasterONE tagging rules once.

With MasterONE, you can be in compliance with ADA, Section 508, AODA, EN-501-349 and other global standards for accessible documents. Since documents can be remediated on demand or stored in their target formats, you and your customers will also benefit from the reduced time it will take for those critical documents to be delivered.

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