Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Accessibility Removes Barriers and Unlocks the Possible

Provide access and inclusion to more than 32 million people with visual disabilities

For many of us, plotting through websites and reading online documents is a relatively easy task. But for the estimated 32.2 million people in the United States with a visual disability due to low vision or blindness, using a screen reader for tasks like these can be daunting (AFB).

Crawford Technologies has software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we have curated videos and blogs from our library to help spread awareness on digital access and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Creating Accessible Documents with Ease

The challenge for most organizations is twofold.  First, not having the staff who understands what makes a document accessible and second, not knowing how to write the content and design the document to make it accessible.
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Achieving Document Accessibility Compliance is Not Complicated

Scott Baker and Karol Kryzwon discuss how you can make your documents accessible with ease.
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Best in class tool for PDF Remediation, why you should use a purpose-built tool instead of a plug-in to a PDF viewer

Join Aimée Ubbink and Ligia Mora for a lively discussion around what the current problem is with remediating PDF documents as well as a face-off between traditional remediation and AccessibilityNow® Remediate.
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Getting Started with Document Accessibility

Dennis Quon and Aimée Ubbink will provide a thorough review of the basics of document accessibility, including a discussion of current legislation, and what formats you will need to consider.
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Crawford Technologies AccessibilityNow® – A Madison Advisors White Paper

Madison Advisors identified Crawford Technologies and its AccessibilityNow® Platform as a leader in the document accessibility space.
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Beyond Mere Compliance: A Vision for Creating an Accessible Digital World to Benefit All

Ollie Cantos and Matan Koch discuss the world of someone who lives with disabilities.
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In 2020, WebAIM analyzed one million home pages for accessibility issues and found the following:


Average Number of Errors Per Homepage


Home Pages With At Least One WCAG 2.0 Failure

1 Billion

People Worldwide Have Disabilities

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