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Reach All Your Customers – Easily Generate Accessible Documents.

AccessibilityNow® Transactional is the market-leading solution for making transactional documents into accessible formats. It is installed on-premises and fully automates the tagging process. This software includes AccessibilityNow Designer, a GUI design tool for setting up rules for creating accessible documents. Output from AccessibilityNow Transactional can be either PDF/UA, WCAG PDF, HHS compliant PDF or Accessible HTML, allowing it to fit into any accessibility strategy.

Document Types, Automation and Integration

AccessibilityNow Transactional offers users the ability to make high volume business communications, such as invoices and statements, that are systematically generated into accessible digital and traditional alternate formats. Digital documents containing personal and confidential information such as credit card statements, bank statements, telecom invoices and health care explanations of benefits can be made accessible to work with assistive technology.

Using this automated approach can result in substantial savings over doing manual transcription. It is also more reliable and secure than using AI tools, which can be sensitive to data contained in each individual document.

AccessibilityNow Transactional can run in batch mode as part of your document creation workflow process, or interactively in a post-archive ePresentment solution by using AccessibilityNow Gateway to transform archived documents to accessible formats on demand.

Quick Accessible Document Delivery for Both High and Low Volumes

AccessibilityNow Transactional is used by some of the largest banks and healthcare companies in the world. Many of these companies convert millions of statements into accessible PDF and HTML every day. They depend on its quality and reliability to provide their customers with the best quality accessible documents that can be delivered. Did we mention speed? With sub-second conversion times for most documents, manual remediation just does not compete on either a cost or time-to-recipient basis.

Inclusion by Design

AccessibilityNow Transactional allows your original documents to be accessible to everyone. Electronic documents can be created or transformed into Accessible PDF (WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA) or Accessible HTML5 so anyone receiving their documents online can read them. Not only does this ensure compliance, but customers will not have to make special requests for accommodation or for specific document formats. Your Accessibility Professionals only need to set up the tagging rules once in the included AccessibilityNow Designer interface. Then all your digital versions of that document can be accessible to everyone.

Multiple Formats for Different Requirements

AccessibilityNow Transactional provides support for all major print streams (PDF, AFP, PostScript, PCL, EBCDIC and Xerox LCDS/Metacode) and gives you all the necessary tools to easily create accessible documents in multiple formats. Realizing that Accessible PDF may not handle 100% of your customers’ requirements, with AccessibilityNow Transactional, documents can be easily output using a standardized process based on the AccessibilityNow Transactional tagging rules.

Transforming documents into accessible formats after composition allows for the most flexibility, lowest storage costs and ease of change management into digital formats.

Inclusive Formats:

  • Accessible PDF (WCAG 2.1, HHS and PDF/UA)
  • Accessible HTML5

Output of traditional alternate formats such as audio or braille can be handled by CrawfordTech’s Canadian and U.S. Document Accessibility Services centers, or by any certified MasterONE service center. See the MasterONE page for more information on alternate format creation.

Processing Options

AccessibilityNow Transactional is powerful and flexible. It accepts PDF files and all other print stream formats (AFP, PostScript, PCL, Xerox Metacode, Line Data and others) so there’s no need to recompose output or go back to originating applications. The solution includes tools to enhance productivity, supports batch and interactive processing, and has many workflow and integration options available that its components can be plugged into.

Transactional Document Tagging Made Easy and Efficient

One of the most time-consuming tasks when providing accessible documents is the setup - tagging documents to create each accessible format. Some organizations pay for this up to 5 times for each document - once for each of Accessible PDF, Braille, Large Print, eText and Audio formats. With AccessibilityNow Transactional and MasterONE, you only need to create one setup for each document type to support all of the different formats. And you do the tagging, including defining the logical read order, with a GUI application that is easy to use and optimized for customer communications documents.

Modules Available with AccessibilityNow Transactional:

  • Accessible PDF
    AccessibilityNow Transactional can create Accessible PDF that is WCAG 2.0 compliant and it can also create Accessible PDF/UA output. It can work with normal PDF files as well as print ready files, in virtually any format. Using tagging rules, it converts to the needed Accessible PDF format. This can be done before documents are stored in a repository, or it can be done dynamically when the documents are being retrieved for viewing. This allows you to meet your accessible digitization strategy and ensures that documents produced and stored many years ago are still able to be delivered as accessible.
  • Accessible HTML5
    With AccessibilityNow Transactional you can automate the process of accessible document output, and easily transform legacy transactional documents into responsive, compliant HTML5 for a variety of customer delivery channels to meet individual delivery preference needs.
  • AccessibilityNow Designer
    A powerful and feature-rich standard component of AccessibilityNow Transactional, AccessibilityNow Designer provides a graphical user interface for doing the accessibility design. This includes rules for data extraction, document tagging, alternate text definitions and reading order for your accessible documents.

AccessibilityNow Technical Facts

AccessibilityNow Transactional runs on all major operating systems:
Windows 10 and newer, Linux with a 2.6.x or newer kernel, AIX, HP-UX UNIX level 11.23 and higher, Solaris 10 and higher and Linux for System z.PRO.

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