AccessibilityNow® Remediate

AccessibilityNow® Remediate is Crawford Technologies ad hoc tagging tool that runs in a Windows desktop environment. AccessibilityNow Remediate offers users fast and easy tagging of PDF documents including read order, paragraphs, heading control, lists, URL’s and tables. Remediate is purpose-built to provide tagging or tag-finishing either as a standalone tool or as a final step in the remediation of already tagged files from Crawford Technologies Publisher application.

AccessibilityNow Remediate is a graphical user interface tool that allows you to quickly and easily tag documents to make them accessible. Starting with an untagged PDF document, it lets you quickly and easily tag the document for accessibility, including the read order, paragraphs, heading control, lists, URLs and tables. Remediate can be used by itself to tag documents, or as a final step in the remediation of files that have already been created and tagged by a Crawford Technologies publishing application.

You can start with PDF files, print files, MS-Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or images and create your desired format from them. We have been in the business of converting files for 24 years, so you can be assured of great quality.

Easy Accessibility Tagging GUI Driven Tool

  • Completely independent from Adobe Acrobat
  • Stand-alone tagging or tag-finishing application
  • Autosenses tags
  • Customizable settings to match document structure
  • Chose compliance level desired
  • Easy to save as accessible PDF