AccessibilityNow® Dashboard

Our high-end workflow solution, AccessibilityNow® Dashboard, includes a web-based dashboard which provides tracking of all activities, gives visibility into all files in process, and provides automated report creation capabilities. It is an integration platform that facilitates effective Customer Communication Management and improves CX.

Simplify Your Document Accessibility Workflow

  • Initiate the remediation process via a web-based, friendly graphic user interface
  • Track completion of your accessibility processes for either transaction data, static data or both
  • Track and report on the verification of accessible documents
  • Integrate various workflows within your environment and manage everything from a single dashboard
  • Track documents and operations for efficient and cost-effective workflows
  • Quickly and accurately retrieve, transform and present content from multiple sources in desired format
  • Eliminate errors due to manual processes
  • Track automated testing and generate detailed reports on the findings

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