AccessibilityNow® Assessment

One of the first steps an organization must take on its journey to becoming fully compliant with accessibility regulations is to scope the amount of effort that will be required to reach the desired level of compliance. This requires an objective and detailed look at your current assets in order to determine your current state.

Our Assessment Service provides an organization with a detailed analysis of the current level of accessibility of its digital documents, and optionally, websites.  We determine and report on how each of the documents stack up against the applicable WCAG, PDF/UA or HHS standard.  Building on that, we determine what needs to be done in order to bring your assets up to the required level. This can be instrumental in setting headcount needs, budget parameters and timeframe estimates. These assessments can also be used to determine the accuracy and completeness of accessibility project work.

With an array of strong tools and the extensive expertise of our team, our assessment can quickly identify the effort needed to achieve your document accessibility objectives. An assessment can evaluate the static documents on your web site, or the transactional documents that you deliver to your clients, employees, constituents, and customers. If necessary, we can assess both types of documents. And if your website itself needs an evaluation; we can do that too.

We can do a technical assessment, using automated tools, very quickly. We can also perform a Customer Experience (CX) check which will include an assessment of the usability of the assets by people who are blind and/or have low vision. We will tailor the assessment to your exact needs.

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