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AccessibilityNow® is a complete platform for the creation and management of accessible documents. Providing high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels. Leveraging AI and automation, the comprehensive AccessibilityNow platform is flexible and supports both the unique processing requirements of high-volume transactional documents as well as static documents of all types.


MasterONE is a data protocol that provides the ability to use a single accessible design model, ingest any incoming print stream, whether AFP, PDF, PCL, Metacode, PostScript or Line data and drive output to multiple accessible formats, such as Accessible PDF, Accessible HTML, Braille, eText, Large Print and Audio.

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AccessibilityNow Validator

AccessibilityNow Validator is a document accessibility testing program that will inform you what level of accessibility your documents achieve. This can be done on a document-by-document basis or across large batches of documents to ensure that you are creating compliant content all the time.
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AccessibilityNow Transactional

AccessibilityNow Transactional is the market-leading solution for making transactional documents into accessible formats. It is installed on-premises or in Crawford Technologies’ hosted facilities and fully automates the tagging process. This software includes AccessibilityNow Designer, a GUI design tool for setting up rules for creating accessible documents in all formats.
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AccessibilityNow Gateway

AccessibilityNow Gateway is an ideal solution for large organizations. It provides a common RESTful API for retrieving documents from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Archive systems. Using AccessibilityNow Gateway, document tagging can be run dynamically on a real-time basis in milliseconds while documents are being retrieved for viewing or downloading.
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AccessibilityNow Designer

AccessibilityNow Designer is the powerful, low-level design interface that sets up and tests automation templates for AccessibilityNow Transactional. Through a graphically invoked wizard, or a text editor, and with our AutoSense tool, users define the elements of a document and related tagging. The resulting applications or templates then are used to create high volumes of accessible output.
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AccessibilityNow Dashboard

Our high-end workflow solution, AccessibilityNow Dashboard acts as a collection point for your digital accessibility program and includes a web-based dashboard which provides tracking of all activities, gives visibility into all jobs in process, and provides automated report creation capabilities.
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AccessibilityNow WeCo

WeCo Office Accessibility is a wizard driven, step-by-step remediation tool that works as a plug-in to Microsoft Word, creating accessible Word documents as well as the corresponding accessible PDF files.
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AccessibilityNow Services

AccessibilityNow Services consist of a wide range of services for both static documents and transactional documents in multiple languages, as well as Accessibility educational courses.
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AccessibilityNow DocMD

AccessibilityNow DocMD automatically scans your website to locate all public-facing documents, determines if they are accessible, and if not, provides options for fast and easy remediation.
Learn more > is a cloud-based e-commerce site that lets a user upload PDF files and receive the WCAG-compliant Accessible PDFs back. With very fast turnaround and compliance guarantees, this is an excellent option for organizations with a small number of documents to tag.
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AccessibilityNow Remediate

AccessibilityNow Remediate is Crawford Technologies ad hoc tagging tool that runs in a Windows desktop environment. AccessibilityNow Remediate offers users fast and easy tagging of PDF documents including read order, paragraphs, heading control, lists, URL’s and tables. Remediate is purpose-built to provide tagging or tag-finishing either as a standalone tool or as a final step in the remediation of already tagged files from Crawford Technologies Publisher application.
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AccessibilityNow Publisher

For high volumes of static PDF files, AccessibilityNow Publisher software automates the PDF tagging process. It can be run in an automated fashion under a workflow or RPA system or called through an API. It can achieve completion rates as high as 90%, significantly reducing the time it takes to make documents accessible.
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