Partner Program

CrawfordTech partners enjoy opportunities to create new avenues of business, driving new technology, expanding capabilities and skills.

Crawford Technologies is committed to providing solutions to the print, mail and archive industries around the world. In order to provide the best service and support, we have formed alliances with a range of partners that specialize in Enterprise Output Management and Enterprise Content Management across Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific and North America.

The Crawford Technologies Partner Program has been designed to create a partner network of organizations focused on delivering world class solutions to organizations around the world.

The aim of the Program is to provide partners with the tools and resources necessary to build their solutions that will be positioned to drive revenue growth.

Crawford is committed to invest time and effort to identify, engage and support our partners to ensure that we jointly meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Why Partner with CrawfordTech?

For most companies, choosing an alliance partner focuses on a couple main factors like:

  • Grow profits by developing new revenue streams
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Expand locally and internationally
  • Reduce business risk
  • Better serve clients

At CrawfordTech, partnerships and collaborative relationships are the key to growing our business. Crawford is always looking for ways in which to collaborate with complementary solutions, consulting and software companies. In this way, we can deliver the best services in the market.

CrawfordTech understands that alliances are built on trust, openness and shared objectives. If we see an opportunity to work with your company and strengthen both our offerings, we would welcome a chance to:

  • Understand your expectations of Crawford
  • Develop a shared vision
  • Develop strategies to align and complement both our companies services and offerings

If your business fits any of the following categories, we would be delighted to talk to you, and find ways to work together for our mutual benefit.

  • IT/technology software developers
  • Any software consulting firm/integrator which is not in direct competition with Crawford
  • Business consultants / recommenders

Crawford Technologies Partner Categories

At Crawford we are currently seeking resellers, technology, services, and solution providers to ensure customer success and for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Partner Types

The Crawford Partner Program is designed to offer a range of partner relationship options to fit the needs and objectives of organizations as listed below:

OEM Partners

OEMs partners typically have tightly integrated Crawford product with their own for resale as an add-on, bundle, hosted or embed software components.

Value Added Resellers

Resellers typically add value through application development, system integration, product training or localized customer sales / support and are authorized to sell to customers within a territory.

Referral Partners

All the marketing in the world can’t compete with positive word-of-mouth. To recognize companies who have introduced Crawford to their clients, we have created the Crawford Referral Partner program. Through it, your company can benefit from your endorsement of a reputable business with a proven record of quality consulting and implementation services in our core markets.

The Referral Partners (Referral, Teaming and System Integrators) are rewarded for endorsing, referring and promoting our products and services. By identifying an opportunity for Crawford to assist a member of your client base or prospects, we would offer financial incentives on every sale we close. The incentive is a percentage of the sale which is agreed upon by our organisations.

Interested in becoming a partner with Crawford Technologies?