COVID-19 has changed the way business is done around the world. Regardless of the industry, the ‘new reality’ is rapidly becoming ‘normal’ and we understand there is now an additional layer of uncertainty placed in the workplace. Crawford Technologies focus continues to be the safety of our families, employees, customers, partners and vendors and we are changing the way we do business to encourage the wellbeing of everyone we work with.

While everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, Crawford Technologies is committed to supporting business operations and providing continuity of service at all times. We are continuously monitoring the situation and adjusting our approach based on the guidance of world health leaders. To read more, please see the latest below:

Crawford Technologies created a Pandemic Disaster Response Plan in 2008 and we have been operating under that plan since March. We are fully capable of operating with a limited, on-premises staff and we’re fully committed to our Service Level Agreements. All personnel are equipped to work remotely with tools, equipment and secure connections, providing support, assistance and file processing in compliance with all applicable regulations. All appropriate staff has been cross trained to ensure production needs can continue to be met should we experience an absenteeism issue. We will continue to operate under the Pandemic Disaster Response plan as appropriate to local conditions in all of our locations.

For further detail, we have provided additional information on several aspects of our business below.

Business Continuity

We have invoked our Pandemic Disaster Response Plan and we are now continuously monitoring and assessing any risks for the following:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Industry
  • Supply Chain

Crawford Technologies is committed to our ability to manage our core business functions or to meet corporate, customer, and stakeholder obligations.

Key Business Decisions Taken

Working Remotely
All Crawford Technologies corporate offices have been closed. We have established secure remote connections for our employees and continue to work effectively from their homes across the world. In facilities where on-site production must take place, appropriate protection measures and physical distancing guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Business Travel
All business travel has been suspended until further notice to protect the health and safety of our employees and our customers.

Print Preparation
CrawfordTech continues to offer a no charge, 90-day emergency usage of our product(s) required to assist you in converting and moving your work due to COVID-19 challenges/lockdowns. Can we help you through this unprecedented time?  Email us at

We are all in this together. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can continue to provide award winning support to our customers and partners.

Document Accessibility Services
We have reduced the number of employees working in our facilities to the minimum essential number. Essential personnel were split into offset shifts and the work has been redistributed to minimize risk of infection. We disinfect the entire facility between shifts and distribute masks, face shields and hand sanitizer to all employees. Any employee experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is not to report to work and return to work guidelines are strictly enforced. Upon arrival, all employees are screened for symptoms and have their temperature taken. All employees are regularly reminded of best practice health guidelines. Anyone visiting our facility for deliveries or services is required to be screened and to wear a mask.